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Here you will find training videos on the topics that matter in your journey as a music creator. But, these are more than just ‘watch how I do it’ videos. This training is designed to show you the Hows, Whats and Whys of the craft. Enjoy!

1) The Fundamentals Of Sound

The best starting point for any training is an explanation of the fundamentals of the craft. In ‘The Fundamentals Of Sound’, Samori Coles goes into detail about the essence of recording and the primary characteristics of sound.

One of the gems of this training is a journey through the history of recording from its origins to where we are today. And, a visual representation of the sonic canvas on which we “paint” our mixes is illustrated to round out this truly essential starting point in audio.

2) Understanding Frequency & How To Use An Equalizer

Equalization is one of the primary tools used by professional audio engineers. Using an EQ effectively is more than just playing with settings. It begins with understanding frequency.

Frequency is the rate at which sound vibrates. In this training video you will learn all about frequency, and equalizers are used to manipulate it. You’ll also get a clearer picture on which frequencies you should boost or cut for specific instruments.

The detail, depth and patience of ‘Understanding Frequency & How To Use An Equalizer’ is one of the reasons that it is one of the premier training videos on the subject.

3) Beginning Compression

If equalization is the salt of audio engineering, compression is the pepper. This often misunderstanding tool of the craft can help to add punch to vocals and instruments. It can also be used to make your overall mix louder.

Anyone embarking on a career in audio, or simply longing to get better results in their home studio, will greatly improve their abilities and overall skillset with a thorough understanding of compression.

Once you learn how to properly use a compressor, you’ll be one step closer to achieving that “sound” that has been eluding you.

4) Mixing 101: Balance

Simply put, mixing is about balance. It is the art and science of balancing all of the elements in a production or recording in such a way that it is sonically appealing to the listener, and appropriate for the genre.

The mix is EVERYTHING. It can truly make or break a recording. Sure, the goal is to always capture great performances. But, with or without a great performance, a masterful mix will bring out the best in a recording.

5) The Mixing Board: How Does It Work?

The mixing board is arguably one of the most intriguing piece of gear in professional recording studios. All of the knobs, buttons and faders look like the controls of a spaceship to the uninitiated.

Although in today’s primarily digital recording environment you don’t need a physical mixing board, many people associate it as the elemental ingredient of a professional recording studio. While that is not necessarily the case, knowing how a mixing board works unlocks one of the most critical aspects of audio engineering – signal flow.

‘This Mixing Board: How Does It Work?’ was created to uncover the mystique of this enigmatic tool. It’s really fairly simple. Once you know what one channel does, you know what the rest of them do.